We build space where there is no space

About Us

Bringing the future to the present

Evretos began its story in Melbourne in 2015. We started off just like any other business - with ambition and determination to make a difference to the automatic parking industry. Unlike other parking system start-ups here in Australia, we didn’t have an international parent company holding our hand along the way.

What we wanted to see was an industry with systems working the way they were created.

Along the way our selection of products and services have grown, but our mission remains the same.

What we believe in

We believe in the latest innovation whilst incorporating environmentally friendly designs.

We believe in the importance of transparency and providing products that we ourselves would use

We believe in enhancing everyday experiences.

We are specialised in


We specialise and excel in all things parking systems - be it automatic, semi-automatic or stacker. Our services have assisted many clients with the investigation and repairs into faulty systems, assisting with legal proceedings and changing over their maintenance contracts to Evretos.


We offer one of the largest selections of automatic and semi-automatic parking systems in Australia & New Zealand. Our clients are surprised with the amount of space we can save them as well as the selection of systems we can tailor to suit their particular requirements.


Evretos elevators have innovation, energy efficiency and alluring designs at heart. They are at the forefront of next generation technology for our clients all whilst ensuring your passengers have a smooth ride.


Our dedicated design teams work with you to make your dreams reality. If you can imagine it, we can help to create unique parking or elevator designs to be manufactured for every kind of space.


Probably our favourite part. We are passionate about ensuring smooth installations, happy clients & happy end users with our parking systems and elevators - whilst adhering to strict Evretos only installation guidelines. Shortcuts are not in our vocab.


When you purchase a parking system or elevator you also acquire our highly experienced maintenance team to look over and take care of your product. Evretos designed and installed systems are maintained by Evretos only. No third party maintenance companies - ever.