Experience meets transparency


Why consider Evretos Consulting

What we do

Our consulting services specialise in design, installation and maintenance of parking systems in Australia and New Zealand. As this can be a complicated process a clear, transparent solution needs to be provided - which is where we come in.

Clients that utilise our comprehensive consulting services do so because of our automation, engineering, electrical and mechanical experience.

Industries we operate in

Our services are offered to an array of clients including private purchasers, builders, developers and owners corporations. Our clients come from diverse industries and each have their own challenges.

How can we help?

Let us guide you along the way

New installations

We offer guidance to clients who want to maximise a space and are looking at purchasing a parking system. We can be with you every step of the way from design to installation. By working with us directly you have access to manufacturer and installation.

Existing Installations

Whilst parking systems are great in theory, if not installed correctly they can end up being money pits - and it’s the end users who are the ones paying.

What we are seeing is the rise of clients requiring parking system repairs.

Utilising our consulting services, Evretos has already assisted in the repair of automatic and semi-automatic parking systems. We’ve brought to life many different systems, no matter the brand.

Owners Corporations

We offer assistance to owners corporations looking to change maintenance contracts or that have a faulty or non-operational parking system. 

Our Evretos team has successfully integrated our unique software into many different existing systems - ensuring they work as they should. 


We understand that sometimes legal proceedings need to occur, so let us guide you along the way.

We offer detailed expert reports and reliable witness for the purpose of legal proceedings.

We also provide services to assist with investigations into defective systems. If you’ve got a ‘dud’ let us do an inspection and provide you with the issues at hand.

Our Consultant

About Eusebiu

Eusebiu has over 14 years experience as an automation engineer. Having a double degree in automation and programming has allowed him to work on a variety of automatic parking systems and elevators in Europe since 2007.

Eusebiu specialises in consulting and heads each individual consultation in all things parking systems. He offers assistance to architects, owners corporations, developers and clients who are looking to install a parking system or require assistance with non-operational systems whilst adhering to Australian Standards. Eusebiu also evaluates, assesses and assists clients in court with forensic analysis. And he is a fully licensed electrician in Australia.

He moved to Australia after falling in love with his now wife, in 2012 and began Evretos in 2015.

Eusebiu enjoys photography, music and spending time outdoors with his kids.

Despite pressure from friends, he is a Richmond Tigers fan.

"We didn’t have an international parent company helping us along the way - everything we’ve become and most importantly all the products our name represents is the result of commitment, passion and a desire to see automatic parking systems and elevators in Australia working like they were created."

Eusebiu Vasilciuc

The Evretos difference

At Evretos, we are automation

We specialise in an end to end solution beginning with consulting, design, manufacture, installation and maintenance.

The Evretos difference is quite simple. We use our automation experience to ensure you purchase a product which is not only the best option for your unique space, but will work as it is intended to.

Our designs are unique to Evretos. This is why we not only install but maintain all of our products. This way we ensure that our parking systems and elevators work smoothly and that they continue to do so.

Our name and reputation means a great deal to us. As I’m sure they do to you, too.