Where luxe meets sustainability

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Truly revolutionary

Evretos elevators are not only a work of art, but are truly revolutionary in their energy-efficiency, designs and latest technology.

Our Elevators have been awarded the maximum possible energy-efficiency ratings according to:

  • VDI 4707 which measures and classifies elevators according to their energy performance.
  • ISO 25745-2 standard which specifies a method to estimate energy consumption on an annual basis.

When choosing an elevator our clients have ease of mind knowing their projects are in capable hands, with fast response times to any questions that many arise as well as our many years industry experience.

Our designs

Our designs may include:

  • machine-roomless lifts
  • energy efficiency designs which operate on 240 A power (as much as your average household appliance)
  • eco-friendly designs
  • the latest in artificial intelligence and technology

Whether you have a new project or existing building we can help. Our clients are surprised about the space saving and unique designs we can integrate into any residential, commercial or industrial building.